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Funding For Justice

A valuable, practical resource on an issue that touches every school and community. Going beneath the legal jargon and complex funding formulas, Funding for Justice presents...

Selling Out Our Schools (PDF only)

Vouchers are one of the hottest controversies in school reform. Selling Out Our Schools covers the major issues surrounding not only vouchers but efforts to privatize...

Keeping the Promise?

Keeping the Promise? examines one of the most complex reforms in education: charter schools. This wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of essays examines the charter school movement's...

Classroom Crusades (PDF only)

Classroom Crusades covers the religious right’s efforts to stamp their own brand of politics and religion upon our country’s schools. Essential reading for anyone who values the...

Articles Contributed
Free-Market Education
There’s no guarantee of quality in Milwaukee’s voucher schools
Exploding the Privatization Myth
Charter and private schools are no better than public schools and sometimes worse
Can NCLB Be Left Behind?
Reauthorization could bring ‘damage control’ or more damage.
"Bait and Switch"
New report pushes voucher fans to fast-talk around problems
The Ultimate $uperpower
Supersized dollars drive Waiting for ‘Superman’ agenda