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RSGS Praise
Rethinking Sexism, Gender, and Sexuality is a collection of inspiring stories about how to integrate feminist and LGBTQ content into curriculum, make it part of a vision for social justice, and create classrooms and schools that nurture all children and their families.

Volume 31 No. 2 - Winter 2016–17

Cover Story: What's Your Story?
Student identity on the walls in Philly

By Joshua Kleiman and Charlie McGeehan
A high school English teacher and a media arts teacher team up to teach a unit on identity. Students combine personal writing with vivid photography, creating large banners that become public art.

Uchinaaguchi: The Language of My Heart

By Moé Yonamine
Returning to her home country of Okinawa at 13, Moé Yonamine was hit by a teacher for speaking her Indigenous language. She reflects on the history of colonial oppression in Okinawa and the importance of keeping culture and language alive.

All American Boys
An interview with Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

By Renée Watson
Two authors collaborated to write a nuanced novel from the perspectives of two young men—Rashad, who is Black, and Quinn, who is white. The novel gives teachers a powerful tool to discuss police brutality and racism with students.
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Editorial: In Our Hands

Editorial: "Water Is Life”—Teaching for Solidarity with Standing Rock

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Founded in 1986 by activist teachers, Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit, independent publisher of educational materials.

We advocate the reform of elementary and secondary education, with a strong emphasis on issues of equity and social justice.