Supplemental Material - "Rethinking Globalization"

Supplemental Material Listed in the Book

These links are organized by the page numbers from Rethinking Globalization where the materials are mentioned.

Page 8 - Instructions for signing up for the Rethinking Schools listserv.

Page 58 - "Dear Lawino" handout.

Page 70 - Poverty and World Wealth handouts:

Where Are the World's Resources?
Where Do People Live?
World Population and Resources Reflection.

Page 96 - World Trade Organization Case Studies.

Page 123 - Teaching Ideas for "The Marines Have Landed:

Third World Traveler: A Brief History of US Interventions,1945 to
present, by William Blum. Reprinted from Z magazine, June 1999.

From Wounded Knee to Afghanistan: A Century of U.S. Military Interventions:
Compiled by Zoltan Grossman for ZNet.

Page 139 - Handout from the "Global Sweatshops: Making A Difference Project" article.

Page 140 - "Journey of the ____________" handout

Page 175 - The script for the play "Justice, Do It" performed off Broadway by Maria Sweeney's students. (PDF)

Page 176 - "Taking Action Against Disney," by Steven Friedman.

Page 208 - The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child, plus a web link to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the UN's website.

Page 257 - "Rich Land, Poor People," by Oakley Biesanz, Octavio Madigan Ruiz, Amy Sanders, and Meredith Sommers, with teaching ideas.

Page 258 - "The Beef Hormone Controversy" by Renée Bald and Bill Bigelow

Page 271 - "Trinkets and Beads" quotes.

Page 302 - "Advertising the Truth" handout.

Page 304 - "Producing Consumers" handout.

Page 305 - "Ad and the Ego" quotes.

Page 314 - Ladakh indictments for trial role play.

Page 330 - Link to Andrea Townsend's article on Jostens Inc. and the graduation memorabilia industry.

Page 346 - Terrorism and Globalization - Links to articles mentioned in Bill Bigelow's essay.

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