“Aren’t Grown-Ups Supposed to Keep Kids Safe?”

The Important Role Teachers Play in Resisting Trump’s War on Immigrant Families
Kina, the 6-year-old daughter of one of our editors, walked into her living room one day over the summer and saw children huddled under Mylar blankets on the TV. “What are those kids doing in there?” she asked. “Are they in jail?” Our editor, her mom, explained that the kids had been separated from their parents, and that their parents were probably in a different jail. “Aren’t grown-ups supposed to keep kids safe?” Kina asked. As children return to our classrooms this fall, after another summer of horrific events, they too have questions like Kina’s. As educators, we are responsible for thinking about how to respond.  Children — more than 2,500... Read More »

Volume 33, No. 1 — Fall 2018 Table of Contents

Free Editorial

Nurturing Student Activists in the Time of Trump

How we seed and support student activism will vary from community to community, school to school, and grade level to grade level. But this is a crucial moment in history, and what we do as educators matters. When we help students explore and analyze exploitation, injustice, and danger in the world, we can also help them develop the knowledge and skills to change it.

Nurturing Student Activists in the Time of Trump

“Love Is Shining in My Heart for You, Dear Haiti”

“Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.” That’s the only thing this Haitian American teacher remembers being taught in school about her family’s country of origin. She calls for a revolution in how educators teach Haiti.

“Love Is Shining  in My Heart for You, Dear Haiti”

Shock-Doctrine Schooling in Haiti

Neoliberalism off the Richter scale

Immediately after an earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010, corporations swooped in to capitalize on the destruction and to privatize public enterprises. Hagopian explores how disaster capitalism hit the education system and what the effects were on students and families.

Shock-Doctrine Schooling in Haiti

Where Are the Climate Change Superheroes?

Systems Thinking and Climate Activism in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest

An elementary school teacher developed the Quetzal Conundrum game to help students understand the impact of global warming in Costa Rica.

Where Are the Climate Change Superheroes?

“Did Any of You Just Search for ‘Physicist’?”

Exploring Racism and Privilege in Physics Class

A physics teacher uses student research and other exercises to urge his high school class to wrestle with race, privilege, and representation.

“Did Any of  You Just Search for ‘Physicist’?”

The Constant Testing of Black Brilliance

An educator reflects on how the education system has continually tested her Blackness from grade school through professional development, and argues that we need more Black spaces to nurture brilliance.

The Constant Testing of Black Brilliance

The Importance of Goodbye

When Students Leave Midyear

A high school teacher explores how the dynamics of a classroom can change when a student leaves and what the effects can be on that student, the other students, and the teacher.

The Importance of Goodbye
Ed Alert

A Colonizing Agenda

Wayne Au on Bill Gates’ Education Failures

LeBron’s School Should Be Every School Public, Fully Funded, and with Arms Around the Community


Students “Warrior Up” for Climate Justice

Column: Earth, Justice, and Our Classrooms