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Volume 30 No.1 - Fall 2015

Cover Theme: Bilingual Education

Cuentos del corazón/Stories from the Heart
An after-school writing project for students and their families

By Jessica Singer Early and Tracey Flores
Second graders and their families write together, countering Arizona’s English-only, segregated, and anti-immigrant school policies.

Cuentos del corazón
Un proyecto de escritura después de clases para los estudiantes bilingües y sus familias

Por Jessica Singer Early y Tracey Flores
Los estudiantes de segundo grado escriben junto con sus familias, desafiando las políticas monolingües, anti-inmigrantes, y de segregación de Arizona.

English-Only to the Core
What the Common Core Means for Emergent Bilingual Youth

By Jeff Bale
Is the Common Core better than current approaches to English language learners—or the next salvo in more than a decade of attacks on bilingual programs?

“¿Qué es desportar?”
Teaching from students’ lives

By Sandra L Osorio
An early elementary school teacher realizes she needs to dump the scripted curriculum and basal reader, find Latina/o literature in Spanish, and make space for her students’ thoughts and feelings.

“¿Qué es deportar?”
Enseñar a partir de las vidas de los estudiantes

Por Sandra L Osorio
Una maestra de primaria se da cuenta que debe dejar a un lado el guión y la antología de su currículo para encontrar literatura latina en español y abrir un espacio a las vidas de sus estudiantes.

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