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Renée Watson's article "Happening Yesterday, Happened Tomorrow" is especially urgent given the decision of the grand jury not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, and the national protests in response. The article will appear in the winter 2014-15 issue of Rethinking Schools, but we wanted to have it available for teachers right away.

VOLUME 29, ISSUE 1 — FALL 2014

Cover Theme: Teaching in Black and White

With the events in Ferguson as only the most recent example, it’s clear that understanding and confronting racism are critical aspects of education—for both students and teachers. We hope you find the articles challenging and inspiring.

Black Like Me

By Renée Watson
A poem—and the history behind it—about being invisible, yet stereotyped, as an African American student bused to a predominantly white school.

Dear White Teacher

By Chrysanthius Lathan
An African American middle school teacher calls on white teachers to think before they routinely send black children to black teachers when there is a problem.

Queridos maestros blancos

Por Chrysanthius Lathan
Una maestra afroamericana de secundaria les pide a los maestros blancos que piensen antes de mandarles los niños negros a los maestros negros cada vez que tengan un problema con ellos.

The Military Invasion of My High School
The role of JROTC

By Sylvia McGauley
A high school teacher describes the problematic impact of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at her school.

Nota a nuestros lectores: En esta edición, dos artículos están disponibles tanto en español como en inglés. Si está interesado en integrarse a esta labor de traducción, por favor comuníquese con Andreina Velasco (

Note to our readers: In this issue, two articles are available in Spanish as well as English. If you are interested in joining this translation effort, please contact Andreina Velasco (

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