Rhythm and Resistance

Rhythm and Resistance

Teaching Poetry for Social Justice

Edited By Linda Christensen, Dyan Watson

Table of Contents

Offering practical lessons about how to teach poetry to build community, understand literature and history, talk back to injustice, and construct stronger literacy skills across content areas and grade levels—from elementary school to graduate school. Rhythm and Resistance reclaims poetry as a necessary part of a larger vision of what it means to teach for justice.

"At a time when teachers feel under attack from policymakers searching for ways to raise student achievement and insure school safety, the authors of Rhythm and Resistance show us how easily both objectives can be pursued if we simply open up opportunities for students to write about their lives and share their stories with each other. This powerful and practical collection of essays shows educators how to engage and empower their students through strategies that inspire them to develop a love of learning. Teachers who can do that will experience the joy and power of teaching even during these trying times in education."
Pedro A. Noguera, Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education; Executive Director, Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, New York University

"There are far too few books written on teaching by people that have actually earned the right to write about teaching. In Rhythm and Resistance we have just such a book, striking a powerful balance between theory and practice, edging the two ever closer together in ways that will profoundly impact the day-to-day work of countless teachers. This book has me wondering aloud, again, about why the voices of our nation’s most gifted classroom educators are so muted in policy and practice discussions about the direction of our field."
Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Associate Professor of Raza Studies and Education, San Francisco State University

"The power of poetry has never been so eloquently revealed as in this powerful collection of writing from poets both famous and unknown. Add to this the stirring words of Linda Christensen and Dyan Watson and we have a book that will move teachers and their students to speak their truths and to know that their words, their thoughts, and their lives matter."
Sonia Nieto, Professor Emerita, Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Chapter 1 - Roots: Where we’re from

“You Reading This, Be Ready” by William Stafford
Where I’m From by Linda Christensen
> “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon
> “Where I’m From” by Renée Watson
Name Poem by by Linda Christensen
Weaving Poetry Through the Elementary Classroom by Bob Peterson
‘Raised by Women’ by Linda Christensen
> “Raised by Women” by Kelly Norman Ellis
Teaching the ‘I Am’ Poem by Bob Peterson
Inner and Outer Worlds by Ann Truax
For My People by Linda Christensen
> “A Pure Medley” by Adeline Nieto
Talking Back to the World by Renée Watson

Chapter 2 - Celebrations: Lift every voice and sing

“Gurl” by Mary Blalock
Praise Poems by Linda Christensen
Odes by Linda Christensen
Aquí y Allá by Elizabeth Schlessman-Barbian
> “Wonders of the City/Las maravillas de la ciudad” by Jorge Argueta
The Age Poem by Linda Christensen
Celebrating Skin Tone by Katharine Johnson
Celebrating Student Voice by Linda Christensen
> “Rayford’s Song” by Lawson Fusao Inada
Remember Me by Linda Christensen

Chapter 3 - Poetry of the People: Breathing life into literary and historical characters

“Becoming American” by Khalilah Joseph
Other People’s Lives by Linda Christensen
Poetic Storytelling by Linda Christensen
> “Molly Craig” by Linda Christensen
> “Write that I...” (A Frederick Douglass Narrative) by Alyss Dixson
Learning About Inequality by Linda Christensen
> “Two Women” by Unknown Author
Brown Doll, White Doll by Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino
> “A Woman of Color” by Shwayla James and Heidi Tolentino
Why I Use Poetry in Social Studies by Dyan Watson
Singing Up Our Ancestors by Linda Christensen
> “Ritchie Valens” by Myrlin Hepworth
> “Bill Bigelow” by Linda Christensen
> “Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones” by Carrie Strecker
Integrating Poetry into the Elementary Curriculum by Bob Peterson
The Metaphor Poem by Linda Christensen

Chapter 4 - Standing Up in Troubled Times: Creating a culture of conscience

“Imagine the Angels of Bread” by Martín Espada
The Poetry of Protest by Linda Christensen
> “Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits/Por fin renuncia Jorge el conserje de la iglesia” by Martín Espada
> “Federico’s Ghost” by Martín Espada
> “Concentration Constellation” by Lawson Fusao Inada
> “Death Toll from Tulsa Race Riots Estimated Between 300 and 3,000” by Katharine Johnson
Happening Yesterday, Happened Tomorrow by Renée Watson
“Forty-One Bullets Off-Broadway” by Willie Perdomo
> “Night, for Henry Dumas” by Aracelis Girmay
What If? by Linda Christensen
Using Poetry as a Tool for Justice by Bob Peterson
Bearing Witness Through Poetry by Renée Watson
Perspective Through Poetry by Kelly J. Gomes

Chapter 5 - Turning Pain into Power

“hiraeth” by Renée Watson
Forgiveness Poems by Linda Christensen
Pain and Poetry by Tom McKenna
Knock, Knock by Linda Christensen
> “Knock, Knock” by Daniel Beaty
Black Like Me by Renée Watson
> “black like me” by Renée Watson
Keepers of the Second Throat by Patricia Smith
> “My Mother Learns English” by Patricia Smith
Chapter 6
The Craft of Poetry
“Ode to Writing” by Jessica Rawlins
Image Craft Lesson by Linda Christensen
Verb Craft Lesson by Linda Christensen
The List and Repetition by Linda Christensen
> “Brown Dreams” by Paul S. Flores
Line Breaks Revision by Linda Christensen
Remixing Revision by Renée Watson
Elements of Poetry by Linda Christensen
The Read-Around by Linda Christensen
An Autobiographical Resource List by Linda Christensen
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Rhythm and Resistance

ISBN: 9780942961614

Publication date: 04/09/2015