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Teaching About the Wars


Teaching About the Wars breaks the curricular silence on the U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Even though the United States has been at war continuously since just after 9/11, sometimes it seems that our schools have forgotten. This collection of insightful articles and hands-on lessons shows that teachers have found ways to prompt their students to think critically about big issues. Here is the best writing from Rethinking Schools magazine on war and peace in the 21st century.

Teaching About the Wars is divided into five chapters:

  1. Introduction: Breaking the Silence on War
  2. The Road to War
  3. The Human Face of War
  4. Military Recruitment
  5. Anti-War Resistance

Contributing authors include Bill Bigelow, Ann Pelo, Margot Pepper, Bob Peterson, Özlem Sensoy, and Howard Zinn.

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Listen to an interview with editor Jody Sokolower about the book and why it's important we continue to discuss and teach about the wars. 


Teaching About the Wars
edited by Jody Sokolower


2013 • ISBN 9781937730475
132 Pages

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