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Keeping the Promise?

Praise for Keeping the Promise?

"This book is just what I have been needing to help answer the question, 'Are you for or against charters?' These essays are a remarkable response, from a range of trusted perspectives. This is an essential book for anyone concerned with democratic schooling."
           — Deborah Meier, senior scholar at New York University, founder of the Mission Hill School in Boston, and co-editor most recently of Many Children Left Behind

"This is one of the best books we've seen from an advocacy group. Rethinking Schools has put together a factual, thoughtful work that looks at both the positives and the negatives and shows how semi-independent schools could actually work to the benefit of all. It is absolutely essential reading for anyone involved in public education and/or charter schools, whether as a teacher, a politician, a parent, or a journalist."
           —The Progressive Review

"Keeping the Promise? raises the main pedagogical and social issues in the development of the charter school movement. Provocative and contentious, it is invaluable for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of the charter school movement."
           — Herb Kohl, nationally renowned author and educator.

"A must read for policy makers who may be seduced by the rhetoric of for-profit charter school operators. The section about Ohio reads so true. As lawmakers, we were told that these charter schools would rescue central city children. Instead these scams diverted scarce public school dollars while leaving almost all urban children behind."
           — CJ Prentiss, member of the Ohio General Assembly from 1990-2006 and former chair of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus

"The growing popularity of charter schools is a sobering reminder that we must make all schools learner-centered and more responsive to the needs of all our students. Those who want public schools strengthened, not abandoned, should read this important book."
           — Adam Urbanski, president of the Rochester (NY) Teachers Association, a vice-president of the American Federation of Teachers, and director of the Teacher Union Reform Network

Keeping the Promise?
the debate over charter schools

by Stephanie Walters
edited by Leigh Dingerson , Barbara Miner , Bob Peterson


2008 • ISBN 9780942961386
144 Pages

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